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Scheduling + Inventory + Food Costing + Timeclock + Staff Management + Shift Log + Financial Analysis & Budgeting + Calendar + Text & Email Alerts

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CheddrSuite is an online restaurant software designed to simplify the management of your food and beverage business. It replaces paper clutter, eliminates the need for multiple apps, and can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.
Staff Management
Shift Log
Financial Analysis
Staff Management
Shift Log
Financial Analysis
Employee Scheduling Software
  • Make staff schedules from scratch or templates.
  • Staff portal allows shift trades, work preferences, and time off requests.
  • Email and text alerts for trades, no-shows, and new schedules published.
  • Manage labor costs against projected sales.
  • Online timeclock compares scheduled to actual labor cost.
  • Prevent conflicts and costly overtime across multiple locations.
Restaurant Inventory Management
  • Build order guides and set par levels for everything you buy.
  • Count inventory on any smart device to eliminate costly mistakes.
  • Automatically create and send purchase orders to vendors.
  • Calculate food costs for menu items.
  • Auto-generate USDA nutritional facts for your menu.
Staff & Document Management
  • Upload and share HR docs, menus, recipes, and more.
  • Protect yourself by storing signed and dated HR docs in the cloud.
  • Require electronic signature on important documents.
  • Create online training videos and quizzes.
  • Employee portal allows 24/7 access to policies, guidelines & agreements.
  • Create online staff write-ups and reviews.
Shift Log
  • Online logbook keeps your team updated on day-to-day operations.
  • Choose from dozens of stock fields to track your sales, repairs, customer issues, etc.
  • Create custom fields to track what is important to your business.
  • Build checklists to make sure things are being done correctly.
  • Receive daily Cheddr emails to keep your key team members connected.
  • Compare daily logs to spot trends over time.
Calendar & Event Management
  • Schedule events, catering, and private parties and assign them to staff.
  • Email and text reminders keep your employees prepared.
  • Set up repeating events with ease.
  • See upcoming holidays and staff birthdays.
  • Correlate historical weather/sales data.
Robust Staff Messaging
  • Communicate with staff via email, text, or internal Cheddr messages.
  • Post important notices on staff dashboards, and require acknowledgement.
  • Target messages to just the right employees, based on job title, location, FOH/BOH, or user level.
  • Subscribe staff to daily digest for one location, or the whole enterprise.
Financial Analysis & Budgeting
  • Track sales, cost of goods sold, and labor expense.
  • View budgets for labor and food cost based on historical sales.
  • Compare actual performance against budgeted goals.
  • Input fixed expenses for accurate reports and budgets.
  • Customize expense accounts to fit your industry.
  • Use industry standards to set business goals based on your restaurant type.

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Cheddr lets me do the things I love to do, which is why I got into this keeps me sane!

- Noel Dubois
Bang the Drum Brewery

CheddrSuite was created by a team of restaurant owners with decades of industry experience. We have juggled the paper clutter mess of invoices, schedules, spreadsheets, complicated POS reports, napkin scribbles, and sticky notes. We know the challenge of getting information out to staff and communicating issues shift to shift. We've experienced the pain of onboarding employees, training them correctly, and keeping them updated on changes. Most importantly, we understand how hard it is to tell if you are making or losing money, or why.

CheddrSuite was created as an easy to use tool to solve these problems for you. We are passionate about helping you increase profitability. Cheddrsuite provides a one-stop solution for the day to day operations of your restaurant so you can get back to doing what you love, running your business!

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